Horse Walker Roofs

Adding a roof to your horse walker is a great way to ensure that you can use your horse walker year-round. A roof will protect your horses from the rain, sun, and snow to ensure that they are able to exercise no matter the weather. At MK Horse Walkers USA, we sell and install roofs that will work perfectly with our MK horse walkers. No more worrying about how your horses will get exercise in the rain or hot sun. With a roof, your horses can get the exercise they need when they need it.


Track roof

  • Track roof covers the walking path

  • Pre-engineered building

  • Provides protection from the rain and sun

  • Use your walker in bad weather

  • 16-foot roofing panel covers more than competition

  • Available in full option with round-fence and wind screen

  • Your choice of roofing material

Full roof horse walker

Full roof

  • Pre-engineered galvanized steel building

  • Your choice of roofing material

  • Suitable for heavy snow loads

  • Stunning when combined with round fence

  • an house walker, sky-walker, or round pen

Learn More About Our Horse Walker Roofs

At MK Horse Walkers USA, we know how important it is to have the right equipment for your farm, including a high-quality horse walker with a roof. That’s why we carry genuine Molenkoning horse walkers. Whether you’re looking for something more budget-friendly or a more elaborate setup with a fence and roof, we have you covered.

To learn more about our horse walkers and horse walker roofs, reach out to MK Horse Walkers USA today.

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