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Horse Walkers

Discover high-quality Molenkoning horse walkers customized to just the right size for your farm’s needs.

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At MK Horse Walkers USA, we also carry and install fences to fit around your new Molenkoning horse walker.



Exercise your horses no matter the weather when you add a roof to your Molenkoning horse walker.



Premier 2-in-1 covered walker and round pen.

Horse Walker

Your Official Distributor for Molenkoning Horse Walkers

If you own a farm in the USA or Canada, MK Horse Walkers USA is your official Molenkoning horse walker distributor. You’ll find a selection of horse walkers in different sizes designed to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for something simple to use to warm up and cool down your horses before riding or you’re interested in a more elaborate horse walker with a fence and roof, we have everything you need at MK Horse Walkers USA.

Available Horse Walker Sizes

  • 50-Foot Horse Walker: four to six horses

  • 60 Foot Horse Walker: six to eight horses

  • 66-Foot Horse Walker: six to eight horses

We also offer custom sizes and setup upon request.

Our Horse Walkers Features

Proven design:

  • Hot dip galvanized steel construction for superior corrosion protection

  • Strong whisper quiet electric motor

  • Triple V-belt drive

  • Self install-friendly with instructions

Control box​ (standard)

  • Start and stop buttons

  • Manual speed dial (allows for solid trot)

  • Auto direction: manual Left, right, or automatic switch direction every 10 minutes

  • Emergency stop button

  • Plug & Play: only needs a regular 15amp 110 Volt outlet to operate.

Gate Options

  • Safe-guard pusher gates: Our safest option for pusher gates with flexible aluminum-coated bars that simply bend out of the way when needed.

  • Aluminum pusher gates (standard): The whole gate can swing up to keep your horse safe. These rigid bars are electrified by an electric fencer (which easily can be unplugged).

  • Mesh pusher gates: A solid welded frame with mesh infill and rubber strips on the bottom.

  • All gates are electrified and have swing feature, start with standard option.

Auto-lubrication (standard): This system eliminates the need to manually grease the walker and therefore renders the system virtually maintenance-free.

Irrigation: Keeps the dust under control and your footing in shape.

Computer control box: This programmable control box allows you to enter training programs on the touch screen (230v power supply required).

Weather cover for control box: Keeps your control box protected from the elements.


Sky Walker

  • Top-of-the-line horse walker setup
  • Ceiling-mounted walker
  • Housed in an attractive building with a round fence
  • Walking path on the outer circle
  • Center round pen/lunging area
  • Available in 60-foot (44-foot center) or 66-foot (50-foot center)
  • Six or eight horse setup
  • Custom sizes available

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If you’re ready to order your Horse Walker from MK Horse Walkers USA or you’d like to work with us to create a custom horse walker for your farm, reach out to us today.

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Fences for Horse Walkers

A horse walker is an essential piece of equipment for farms. When you work with MK Horse Walkers USA, we go beyond just offering horse walkers and also offer sales and installation of fences for our horse walkers. We know how important it is to safely and efficiently exercise your horses, and that’s why we offer both standard fence options as well as customizable fences to ensure they fit your property and horse walker perfectly. Below you’ll find our selection of horse walker fences. If you’d like to order a fence, learn more about our options, or speak to one of our helpful team to customize a horse walker fence for your farm, reach out to MK Horse Walkers USA today.


Round fence

Safe & Stunning

  • Eye-catching design that follows the curve of the walker

  • Hot-dip galvanized curved steel panels

  • Solid high-density plastic or Hardwood infill

  • Height of your choice by adding curved bars on top

  • Inside and outside gate in the same style as the fence

  • Maintenance-free setup


Beoband Deluxe fence

Safe, Solid & Natural

  • Solid 4” x 6” posts

  • Two sturdy 2’ x 12’ boards on bottom and 2’ x 6’ top rail

  • Three flexible beobands with matching clips

  • 5’ 6” height

  • Height can be customized

  • Luxury wood field gate with galvanized hardware

  • Flexible plaited polyester with PVC coating

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Horse Walker Roofs

Adding a roof to your horse walker is a great way to ensure that you can use your horse walker year-round. A roof will protect your horses from the rain, sun, and snow to ensure that they are able to exercise no matter the weather. At MK Horse Walkers USA, we sell and install roofs that will work perfectly with our MK horse walkers. No more worrying about how your horses will get exercise in the rain or hot sun. With a roof, your horses can get the exercise they need when they need it.


Track roof

  • Track roof covers the walking path

  • Pre-engineered building

  • Provides protection from the rain and sun

  • Use your walker in bad weather

  • 16-foot roofing panel covers more than competition

  • Available in full option with round-fence and wind screen

  • Your choice of roofing material

Full roof

  • Pre-engineered galvanized steel building

  • Your choice of roofing material

  • Suitable for heavy snow loads

  • Stunning when combined with round fence

  • an house walker, sky-walker, or round pen

Learn More About Our Horse Walker Roofs

At MK Horse Walkers USA, we know how important it is to have the right equipment for your farm, including a high-quality horse walker with a roof. That’s why we carry genuine Molenkoning horse walkers. Whether you’re looking for something more budget-friendly or a more elaborate setup with a fence and roof, we have you covered.

To learn more about our horse walkers and horse walker roofs, reach out to MK Horse Walkers USA today.

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