Fences for Horse Walkers

A horse walker is an essential piece of equipment for farms. When you work with MK Horse Walkers USA, we go beyond just offering horse walkers and also offer sales and installation of fences for our horse walkers. We know how important it is to safely and efficiently exercise your horses, and that’s why we offer both standard fence options as well as customizable fences to ensure they fit your property and horse walker perfectly. Below you’ll find our selection of horse walker fences. If you’d like to order a fence, learn more about our options, or speak to one of our helpful team to customize a horse walker fence for your farm, reach out to MK Horse Walkers USA today.


Round fence

Safe & Stunning

  • Eye-catching design that follows the curve of the walker

  • Hot-dip galvanized curved steel panels

  • Solid high-density plastic or Hardwood infill

  • Height of your choice by adding curved bars on top

  • Inside and outside gate in the same style as the fence

  • Maintenance-free setup


Beoband Deluxe fence

Safe, Solid & Natural

  • Solid 4” x 6” posts

  • Two sturdy 2’ x 12’ boards on bottom and 2’ x 6’ top rail

  • Three flexible beobands with matching clips

  • 5’ 6” height

  • Height can be customized

  • Luxury wood field gate with galvanized hardware

  • Flexible plaited polyester with PVC coating

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