How MK Horse Walkers Work

How MK Horse Walkers Work

A critical aspect of keeping your horses healthy and giving them the best quality of life possible is ensuring they receive the necessary exercise. While it may be possible to let your horses roam their pasture as a form of natural exercise, horse walkers allow you to achieve this goal in a more controlled environment. MK Horse Walkers is the largest manufacturer of horse exercisers in Europe and is proud to bring this expertise to North American clients. Known as “the king of horse walkers,” our mechanisms have everything you need to effectively care for your horses. Learn more about how our horse exercisers work and customize your own now!

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Superior Horse Walker Design

Our MK Horse Walkers products work by creating a secure environment for your horse to exercise safely. The innovative, superior design of our horse walkers allows you to choose from a variety of sizes and keeps your horses in place with galvanized steel construction. Capable of being self-installed with provided instructions, our horse exercisers feature a triple V-belt drive for optimal performance.

Control box

Intuitive Horse Exerciser Motor & Control Box

Outside of the design itself, our horse walkers function with a motor and an easy-to-use control box. The electric motor installed within each horse exerciser is as loud as a strong whisper, and the control panel comes equipped with everything you need to operate it. Turn your MK Horse Walkers system on with the push of a simple Start/Stop button and control the speed with a manual dial; the auto-direction feature automatically switches every 10 minutes, and an emergency stop button ensures your horse’s safety.

Auto lubrication

Horse Walker Safeguards & Auto-Lubrication

The horse exercisers under our company name function with safeguard pusher gates, meaning they will bend out of the way whenever needed. The flexible aluminum-coated bars ensure your horse isn't injured while inside the MK Horse Walkers system. Additionally, the entire aluminum pusher gates can easily swing open and close for easy use. The intuitive design of our horse walkers also features auto-lubrication, eliminating any need for routine maintenance.

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Customize Your Own MK Horse Walkers Now

MK Horse Walkers offers a variety of standard horse exerciser systems but is capable of creating a customized design for any client. If our standard models don’t exactly suit your needs, or aren’t right for your horses, our manufacturers can create a customized system that has all the unique features you’re looking for.

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