Horse Walker vs. Pasture

Horse Walker vs. Pasture

Ensuring your horses are healthy and well-exercised is a primary concern when it comes to owning a farm, stable, barn, or individual horse. These gorgeous, majestic creatures deserve to have the best care possible, which is something the MK Horse Walkers USA LLC brand is dedicated to. Our European-born company, working through United States and Canadian distributors, offers innovative horse walkers to ensure these animals receive the care they deserve.

Learn more about how a horse walker compares to traditional pasture exercise and learn more about our available models.

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Major Differences Between Horse Walkers & Pastures

The primary difference between horse walkers and using a pasture has to do with freedom of movement. When letting horses roam free in a pasture, they can move within a space as freely as they please; in contrast, a horse walker ensures the horse gets necessary exercise in a more controlled environment. MK Horse Walkers, as experts and innovators in this field, will also tell you horse walkers involve a larger amount of human interaction than using a pasture.

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Advantages of Both Horse Exercise Approaches

One of the biggest advantages of using a horse walker is that it can help to prevent boredom and restlessness in horses. When horses are left in a pasture, they may become bored and start to exhibit problem behaviors, such as pawing at the ground or chewing on fences. Using a horse walker also allows the animals to get energy out and prevents them from being injured on fencing or other obstacles that may exist in a pasture.

On the other hand, using a pasture instead of a horse walker can allow for more freedom of movement and can allow a horse to exercise at any time of day.

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Beneficial Features of Horse Walkers

MK Horse Walkers products are capable of fitting onto a variety of property sizes. A wide range of sizes and styles are available as well; the customizations our U.S. distributor provides are endless. From a proven, installation-friendly design to essential safety features and programmable training programs, our horse walkers have unique features to help care for your horse.

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When MK Horse Walkers USA LLC is the Best Option

If you’re struggling to decide between using a traditional pasture and a horse walker, the latter offers a variety of benefits not accessible through a pasture. Our models are created with safeguard pusher gates to protect your horse at all times, a quiet electric motor, and several other customizations.

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