How Much Exercise Does a Horse Need?

How Much Exercise Does a Horse Need?

If you are a horse breeder, trainer, or owner, you know that horses need exercise to stay happy and healthy. But, how much exercise does a horse need? This can vary depending on each individual horse’s age, breed, size, health, boarding arrangements, and more. At MK Horse Walkers USA, we’re proud to offer the best horse walker equipment in North America! In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how much exercise a horse needs, and how you can ensure your horse is getting the right amount of exercise for their needs.

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Daily Exercise Is Important

Horses require regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. A proper exercise routine keeps your horse’s bones and hooves strong, their circulatory system healthy, their heart and lungs strong, tones their muscles, and, of course, improves their mental health. As a general guideline, most horses benefit from at least several hours of turnout per day.

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Paddock or Turn-Out

Daily exercise can consist of many factors. Ideally, your horse should have access to a paddock or pasture where they can move freely and engage in natural behaviors like grazing, socializing with other horses, and exploring their surroundings. While each individual horse’s needs will vary, horses should have access to turnout for several hours a day if possible, as being able to move freely will help them stay fit.

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Exercise Routine

In addition to turnout, a daily exercise routine is essential for keeping a horse in good shape. They benefit from forms of exercise that challenge them physically and mentally. Horses should be worked daily with slow, steady exercise such as a walk, trot, canter, and gallop. Your veterinarian can help you determine the best forms of exercise for your horse and its unique needs!

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How To Ensure Your Horse Gets Proper Exercise

Horse walkers are a great tool for ensuring your horse gets the steady form of exercise they need. A horse walker moves the horse in a circle, allowing them to walk continuously for an extended period. This can be used in place of turnout occasionally, though turnout is still important for a horse’s health, or as a supplement to other exercises.

To ensure your horse is getting the exercise they need, talk to your vet or equine professional to develop a daily exercise plan. MK Horse Walkers USA offers state-of-the-art horse exercisers to help your horse stay fit and healthy! Browse our horse walkers today to ensure your horse gets the exercise they need.

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